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Meter Readings 3.0 now available

February 18, 2012

Made the Backup and Restore feature FREE for all users. IMPORTANT NOTE: please make sure you backup your data AND export this off you device at least once after updating. This backup file will be required if you ever install the app on a completely new device, to restore the full set of features. Without it I have no way of knowing you bought the app prior to version 3.0.

Changed the default colour scheme of the app to black (although you won’t notice as I retain your configured settings).

Turned on the default system sound as part of the reminder feature. This can be disabled in the Notification Centre settings.

Fixed a bug introduced in v2.9.5 where the previous year graph in white might have been incorrect for the 1m, 3m and 6m views.

Fixed a bug to do with landscape mode on the iPhone.