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Transfers, budgets and reports

May 2, 2012

I have just submitted version 3.8 to Apple, where I have changed the behaviour of transfer budgets and reports, hopefully for the better.

Previously, all the transfer amounts were added together which didn’t really tell you anything. With my latest changes, transfers IN will be added and transfers OUT will be subtracted, giving you a net value per category for the account or group. For example, if you transfer 100.00 from account A to account B using the category Savings, and in the same period you transfer 25.00 from account B back to account A using the same category, previously this would have been shown as 125.00. Now the result will depend on which account you are looking at, e.g. account A will show -75.00 and account B will show +75.00.

If you are looking at an account group that includes both A and B, then the net amount will be 0. The same applies when looking at all accounts (since transfers typically have no effect on the overall balance).

I believe this is a more logical thing to do, however if you think this is going to cause you problems, please get in touch.