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Account Tracker for Mac update #2

May 7, 2012

I have finally managed to find time to pick this up again, and have made some good progress today (wet bank holiday – need I say more!). As I mentioned back in January, I have a skeleton app reading the latest backup file from Dropbox, and being able to display groups and accounts, the current balance of each account, and also transaction lists per account. You can then filter on reconciled or not, or search (just like the iOS app). Also scroll up and down the transaction list (top, today, bottom).

One of the big issues I was struggling with over Christmas has now been fixed, although there is a second issue that I can’t quite figure out (removing a toolbar item with a custom view item from an NSToolbar).

Next steps are cleaning up a few loose ends, then tackling the budgets and reports screens.

Being realistic, I am not expecting this to hit the Mac AppStore until later this year, however I would hope I can get something out for testing over the summer.

UPDATE (14 Aug): not much more progress, sorry. I am concentrating on a good sync solution for iOS which will be needed by the Mac version too. Once sync support is released I will be back on this …

UPDATE (13 Nov): making good progress on sync support, which should be released before Christmas (v3.9). Then back to the Mac version …