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Account Tracker 3.8 now available

May 11, 2012

This update cleans up the user interface a bit and (hopefully) simplifies things for new users.

On the main accounts screen, the left and right arrows now scroll to the top and bottom of the account list. To change the balances shown (e.g. between Today, Available, Minimum and Reconciled) simply tap on the actual balance at the top of the screen. And if you have marked some accounts as hidden, pull down, hold and release the accounts list to switch between showing and hiding accounts.

On the individual account screens, the left and right arrows scroll up and down (as above), and tapping on the balance itself scrolls to today. Search and CSV export should be obvious (no change). The tick button switches between showing and hiding reconciled transactions, and if you are using manual reconcile mode, you can enable an optimisation to tap and hold it to reconcile your transactions.

The Set Balance feature has now been moved to the per-account settings. Here you can set or correct the current balance of an account, and the app adjusts the opening balance for you. This is useful if you just want to correct things, or are tracking the current value of an investment account.

Back on the main accounts screen and right at the bottom (use the right arrow to scroll), you can now view all transactions up to the current date across all accounts (a popular request). Also all recurring transactions, all scheduled transactions (to the end of the following month) and a summary of your upcoming (and overdue!) reminders. These different views replace the All/Recurring Only/Non-recurring filter on the per-account screen. The numbers in grey are your transaction counts.

Added a search option to the transaction list views (e.g. those added above, plus the ones accessed via the budgets and reports screens).

Changed the transfer budgets and reports to take into account the direction of the transfer, depending on the accounts you are looking at. Having thought about this a lot, I think this change makes sense. When looking at an individual account, you will see transfers in as positive and transfers out as negative. For account groups or while looking at all accounts together, you might find that some transfers will have no effect, so they are counted as zero. Please get in touch if this change causes you problems.

Replaced the last pixelated images with retina ones (don’t know why this took me so long!).

NOTE: I am hoping to get auto-syncing working and added as part of version 3.9.