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Hill Lists 3.3 now available

May 12, 2012

Added support for the HuMPs (British hills of any height with 100m prominence). The app now includes data on 5801 hills, including the three HuMPs in the Channel Islands.

Added iCloud and Bluetooth support for copying backup files between devices (the former is FAR easier!!). If you are using any of my other apps (Account Tracker or Meter Readings), the backup feature should be very familiar. To sync your data between two devices, simply backup on one and select and restore on the other. Automatic syncing is not yet supported because it is actually quite difficult to resolve conflicts when changes are made on multiple devices at the same time. Perhaps one day. 🙂

Fixed a bug to do with the cancel button on Dropbox (which turned out to be in the Dropbox supplied code!!).

Other UI improvements.