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Account Tracker 3.8.1 now available

May 29, 2012

It seems that a few of you didn’t like the transaction views I added in my last update. I have therefore hidden these by default, but you can enable them again from the Edit screen.

Changed the left and right arrows to step through the different balance views (today, available, minimum and reconciled). Previously they scrolled the account list, which I think is unnecessary given the likely number of accounts.

Changed the transaction screens to always display amounts in the currency of the transaction itself (rather than your default currency).

When using manual reconcile mode, reversed the actions on the tick button. By default this will go into reconcile mode, and if you tap and hold, it will switch between showing and hiding reconciled transactions.

Now that transfer budgets take into account the direction, added the ability to choose between transfers in and transfers out when setting the budget. The former is like income, and the latter like spending.

Added an “update rates now” option at the bottom of the settings screen, together with a note telling you when they were last updated. You shouldn’t really need to do this as it happens automatically (every hour on WiFi, less frequently on 3G).

Added a few reset options, for example if you wanted to start over or simply restore the default settings.