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Account Tracker and auto-syncing

July 5, 2012

All of my apps support iCloud today, however this is really just a convenient way to share (backup) files between devices. With Account Tracker in particular, many of you want the ability to edit your data on whatever device you happen to pick up, and for all other devices to “see” those changes automatically. This all sounds simple of course, but it really is a VERY difficult problem to solve.

HOWEVER … I have now come up with a reasonably good design for this, based initially around iCloud. It will let you share your data between multiple devices (2 or more) linked to the same iCloud account, and your accounts and transactions will be synced automatically between them. I have already prototyped this solution, and it seems to work well.

I have just submitted version 3.8.2 to Apple, and this lays the groundwork for my syncing solution. This will be released as part of version 3.9, hopefully within the next month. Unless of course my wife drags me off on holiday … 🙂

UPDATE 1 (14 Aug): I did go on holiday (Munro bagging), and I watched the Olympics – sorry! The more I get into syncing, the more problems I am uncovering and its far from trivial!! Back on this full time now …

UPDATE 2 (28 Aug): please see my latest post about syncing.