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Account Tracker 3.9.3 now available

May 8, 2013

A couple of fixes and a few improvements. Hope you like them!

FIXED a bug to do with multi-currency transfers when deleting one of the accounts.

FIXED a crash on the iPad when selecting the Reset button on the Advanced settings screen.

CHANGED the alerts to always fire at the time selected, even if you have already run the app that day. Previously alerts would only fire from the day after you last ran the app.

CHANGED the reports screen to show negative numbers in red (if configured to do so in the settings).

CHANGED the workflow when entering the details and category fields. A small number of users only set one of these, which is something I hadn’t really anticipated. The app now checks for this situation and in this case it doesn’t take you from one screen to the other automatically when entering these fields.

CHANGED the All transactions screen. This now shows both historical and future transactions, making the Scheduled transactions screen redundant (it has been removed, or rather replaced – see below). You can now scroll up and down the transaction list quickly, as well as scrolling to today. Also tap on the right arrow to step forward a month at a time (just like on the account screen).

ADDED support for a Recurring transactions screen. All of your transaction series are shown based on their frequency (daily, weekly, monthly … etc), and you can drill down to see each individual series. By default it only shows those currently active, but you can see older ones (in grey) by tapping on the Show/Hide button.

ADDED support for exporting splits properly in the CSV and PDF files.