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Account Tracker for Mac update #5

May 31, 2013

I know you are expecting another sob story about me being too busy to make progress … etc. While that is always partly true (given my day job), PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE! In fact I have just released my first beta to a small number of users who offered to give me feedback. 🙂

Version 1.0b1 is a fully functioning Mac app that reads your latest backup file from either Dropbox or iCloud, and shows you all of your accounts, budgets, reports and transaction views (all transactions, reminders and recurring series). You can’t edit any of this just now, but I have broken the back of the app, and can now focus on ticking off the remaining functionality.

Next up: custom date editing, individual transaction views and exchange rate updates …

UPDATE: beta 2 has been sent to ~20-25 users. I don’t really need any more people now, as it takes quite a bit of my time per user (handholding, responding to comments and questions … etc). Perhaps as I get closer to releasing this (in a few months) I might open it up further. Thanks!