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More on iOS 7 user interface changes

January 13, 2014

I have now updated two of my apps to have a more iOS7-like user interface (specifically Hill Lists and Meter Readings). I have received a lot of positive comments on these changes (and no negative ones!), which is good news indeed. Similar changes to Account Tracker have also been completed and I will be submitting v4.0 to Apple soon.

Having finally decided to go ahead with an iOS 7 update, my concern about this change is all a bit moot now. Apple have just told developers that as of 1st February, all new apps and app updates MUST be built with the latest iOS 7 SDK! This means that any update will force developers to migrate their apps to iOS 7.

I know some of you don’t particularly like iOS 7. If this is the case, remember that updating an app is your own choice!