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September 27, 2014

The AppStore has changed over the past few years, with falling revenues from new apps sales (around a 75% decline for me). Developers are having to find new ways of generating income, through ads, in-app purchases or simply developing more and more apps (and abandoning each one).

While I do have some in-app purchases for non-essential features, I prefer to support my work through ongoing updates (see Account Tracker – 60 updates and counting). As a user, you benefit from many new features, as well as ongoing bug fixes to keep up with iOS changes and new hardware. Sadly there is no viable revenue model for this. 😦

I have therefore added a donation button to my website to let users contribute. Here are a few scenarios where a small (69p/€0.89/$0.99) amount MIGHT be appropriate …

1. Apple come out with a completely new version of iOS that changes the underlying behaviour. This happened with iOS 8 causing two crashes in Account Tracker that could not possibly have been foreseen in advance.

2. Apple come out with new hardware, requiring development work to support. The iPad is the obvious example, however the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus all required code changes to be properly supported at their native resolutions.

3. Any update that adds a new feature you REALLY like.

Hopefully through new app sales, in-app purchases and donations, I might be able to make a living off this full time! 🙂

Many thanks for your ongoing support – it really is appreciated!