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Munro stats

December 30, 2014

hlicon57 Now that I have finished my Munros, I thought I’d pull together some stats of my round.

In the end it took me 131 hill days, giving an average of 2.15 hills per day.

The most I climbed on a single day was 7 (the South Glen Shiel Ridge, of course). I also did one round of 6 (east of Glenshee), four rounds of 5 (Lochnagar, Ben Lawers, the western Mamores and Mullardoch/Affric), 16 rounds of 4 (too many to list!), 15 rounds of 3, 46 pairs and 48 single hills.

I don’t have EXACT dates for 4 hill days (when I climbed 9 hills), but for the rest the three most popular months were July (63 hills or 23.1%), May (61 hills or 22.3%) and September (36 hills or 13.2%). Other months were August (27 hills or 9.9%), April and June (26 hills or 9.5%), October (17 hills or 6.2%), March (10 hills or 3.7%), November (3 hills or 1.1%) and February and December (2 hills or 0.7%). I don’t appear to have climbed any in January!

I only remember having two pairs of boots: Karrimor KSBs and a sturdier 3 season boot from Berghaus (both now worn out!). A small number of hills were done in Walsh PB Ultras and/or Inov-8 Mudclaw 265s, mainly in the summer months.

It would be nice to work out how far I walked and climbed, but that would take quite some time. I would guess at around 15-25km and 800-1000m ascent (and descent!) per day. Times 131 of course!