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Dynamic Type fonts in Account Tracker

December 4, 2015

aticon57 atficon57 In version 4.7 of Account Tracker I added support for Dynamic Type fonts throughout. Instead of saying I want a specific text label shown with a given font and size, I use the default for a table (or a smaller default … etc). Apple then display this according to your preferred size setting in the main Settings app under General then Accessibility then Larger Text.

The idea here is to make all apps that support it the same, and to let you choose which size is the most readable for you.

If you think there is an issue with my app to do with font sizes, the answer is your own global settings. To reset this to the default, turn the Larger Accessibility Sizes switch OFF and drag the slider to the middle.

You should then fully close my app and relaunch it, to let these changes take effect.