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Migrating from Account Tracker to PRO

January 9, 2016


There are a number of scenarios to consider, so I will start off with the easiest ….

1. Currently running Account Tracker on one device. Simply make a backup in Account Tracker and restore it in Account Tracker PRO. You can then ignore the old Account Tracker app, and eventually delete it (or use it for a separate set of accounts perhaps??). There are many ways to copy backup files between apps and devices, and these are all documented at https://grahamhaley.co.uk/accounts/backups/. Note that the PRO app doesn’t support the old WiFi option, and Account Tracker doesn’t support AirDrop. The best way to copy backup files is using iCloud or by email.

2. Running Account Tracker on multiple devices but not using the syncing options. You will be used to sharing backups. Simply restore your latest backup in Account Tracker Pro and start using it instead of Account Tracker.

3. Syncing over iCloud (Personal Sync). On your SECONDARY device, you can simply add Account Tracker PRO as a new SECONDARY, and it will get all your latest data. You can then disable syncing in Account Tracker on that device. Your PRIMARY is more complicated. You really need to disable syncing, follow option 1 to migrate your data to Account Tracker PRO, and then set syncing up again.

4. Syncing over Dropbox (Family Sync). This is the same as option 3, but instead uses Dropbox behind the scenes. To share between separate apps, you need to manually copy the files from your “Apps/Account Tracker” folder to your “Apps/Account Tracker Pro” folder. This needs to be done using the Dropbox app.