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Account Tracker PRO 5.0.2 now available

February 11, 2016


This update includes further improvements to the Apple Watch app, including a better glance view showing the selected budget(s) from the iPhone.

Also the ability to view recent and future transactions (+/- 1 week) by using 3D touch on the accounts screen.

More detail …

The accounts view now honours your selected balance type. Specifically it will display the reconciled balance if this is what you have chosen on your iPhone, otherwise it will display today’s balances.

The glance view now shows your selected budget(s), not just the overall budget. The new screen layout makes it clearer what the figures are, as well as showing you a daily limit (available budget divided by the number of days remaining).

Finally if you use 3D touch on the accounts screen, you can switch between this and the transactions screen. The latter shows recent and future transactions, (+/- 1 week).