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Support changes

May 1, 2016

After 7 years of using comments on WordPress to provide support for my apps, I have finally decided they really don’t work that well!

The main issue is that when you post a question, you need to sign up to be notified when I respond. This process involves receiving an email from WordPress and for the user to respond to it. Often I have answered the question long before the user signs up(!), so they don’t ever get a notification. As a result I guess many people think my support is poor because I don’t ever respond, yet nothing could be further from the truth! 😦

Also some users don’t sign up at all, but then don’t seem to realise they need to go back to my site to look for responses themselves.

Previously I also used a contact form, but this was even worse. The user had to enter their own email address by hand and a very high proportion mistyped it, either by accident or deliberately (to somehow avoid spam??). I would then go to the trouble of answering, and my response would just bounce, with no way of contacting the user to tell them.

So … I have now added a clickable link to my support page(s) to ask questions by email, replacing the comments box altogether. This way I can be sure the user is getting an answer to their question(s), and as a result I will be happier.