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Backups (a reminder)

March 18, 2017

I am posting this again, because I keep getting requests for help from users who simply aren’t backing up their data (you know who you are).

Let’s say your device is wiped, accidentally or otherwise. If you care about your data, how are you going to get it back? When did you last back it up and where is your backup stored? If the answer to these questions is “not recently” or “on my device”, your data is simply NOT protected, perhaps gone forever. You alone are responsible for ensuring that your data is safely backed up and stored off your device. This applies across every device and app you own and care about, not just my apps.

The following is a repeat post …

“My son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter has somehow deleted your app from my iPhone/iPad. I restored it from the AppStore but all my data is gone. Can you help get it back?”

“I have been having problems with my iPhone/iPad. I took it to the Apple Store and they reset it. When I restored my purchases, my app data is gone. Can you help … etc”.

Surprisingly these are fairly common support requests (certainly once per month), and sadly for these users the answer is not always good news.

Apple’s iTunes backup(s) might help, but they are somewhat unreliable (IMHO). What’s more, since they only store a single backup per device(!), chances are your data is already gone. This is why I added backup support to each of my apps very early on (2010, if not 2009).

If you haven’t ever used this simple feature, then you are seriously at risk of losing your data. Yet using it is trivial …

Account Tracker PRO supports automatic backups – turn on iCloud (or Dropbox) in the settings (*), set the backup frequency (daily, weekly … etc) and you are all set.

Account Tracker (for iOS) supports manual backups with reminders. Turn on iCloud (or Dropbox) in the settings (*), set the frequency and when the reminder fires, you can back up with a single tap (well ok, three in total).

Meter Readings and Hill Lists support automatic backups too. Turn it on in the settings, and if your data changes (e.g. you add a reading or an ascent), a new backup is made when you close the app, keeping the three most recent.

If you aren’t using backups at the moment and (I assume) you value your data, PLEASE turn this feature on ASAP.

* note that backing up alone will not protect you from either of the scenarios mentioned at the top. You need to make sure your backups are exported off your device, either to iCloud, Dropbox or (e.g.) by email.