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Changes to Dropbox support (coming soon)

March 18, 2017

At the end of June 2017, Dropbox will be deprecating the (v1) APIs I use to interact with their service, i.e. listing folder contents, copying files to/from Dropbox … etc. I will therefore be making updates to each of my apps to migrate to their new (v2) APIs.

The main change is that they will no longer support a single app accessing both the root (top level) folder and the Apps (sub)folder, I would have to submit separate copies of my apps to support both. I have no plans to do this as it is overkill, so all users will be required to use the Apps folder instead. This is a much tidier way of organising your files, as a single Apps folder will contain sub-folders for each of your apps. It is the way to go!

There will be a little bit of disruption for users currently using Dropbox. For Account Tracker users who are syncing over Dropbox, you will have to disable syncing, re-link the app to Dropbox and set it up again. For all other users (including Account Tracker users not syncing), you will simply have to re-link the app with Dropbox. The apps will then continue working as normal.

This change will also allow me to add Dropbox support to my Mac apps.

More details will be posted when I migrate each app.