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Account Tracker 5.8 (iOS and Mac) now available

March 10, 2019

help Always show the all transactions view if you have multiple accounts, as it is used to search across them all. Similarly show the recurring and reminder views if there are multiple recurring transactions or reminders respectively.

Replaced most of the blue accessory (i) buttons with row swipe actions, to free up space and make it possible to add further options, e.g. quickly setting an account’s current balance, or duplicating a transaction (without copying to today). To access these options, swipe right to left on the account, transaction or budget table rows.

Added support for importing splits from a CSV file (in a similar way to importing transfers using multiple rows).

Improvements to the CSV export format, including foreign transaction amounts. Also made the CSV and (transaction) PDF export formats consistent.

Added a workaround for an iOS issue where the wrong decimal separator is used on the iPhone decimal number keypad. This prevented some users from entering exchange rates.

More streamlined text field editing throughout the app.


5.8.1 (iOS only) was released on 11th March to fix an issue with the individual account balance graph. It also corrects a minor layout issue on the yearly report (if you are using a non-default month start date (i.e. not the 1st).

5.8.2 (iOS only) was released on 22nd April to add a warning about reconciling future dated transactions, plus a quick way to reconcile all transactions to today. It also includes improvements to the quick edit options while viewing transactions in an account.