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Account Tracker 5.9 (iOS and Mac) now available

June 3, 2019

help This update adds 4 new features to Account Tracker PRO (now up to 17 extra features and counting). See the user guide section on upgrading for full details …

Added options to quickly clone your most common transactions. Simply tap the + button again while adding a new transaction.

Added an option to quickly move a transaction to yesterday. When viewing an account, swipe right to left on a transaction and select More.

Added UK tax years to the budgets and reports. Set this in the settings (year start) then choose to view yearly budgets and reports, stepping through the tax years using the left and right arrows.

Added support for remembering and setting the most recently used custom date pairs. Simply tap the right arrow (use the left arrow to set new dates).

The following changes are included in all versions …

Minor improvements to the CSV export format when exporting transactions from the budgets and reports.


5.9.1 (Mac only) was released on 18th July to fix a couple of layout issues, specifically extended the maximum width of the details column and for multi-line notes, show all lines.

5.9.2 (iOS and Mac) was released on 25th September to fix display issues with a number of currencies, specifically CHF, AMD, COP, CRC, GYD, IDR, MNT, PKR, TZS and UZS. Also to fix a sync issue when moving transactions to Mondays (from the swipe/More menu, iOS only).

5.9.3 (iOS only) was released on 28th September to fix an issue with dark mode on iOS 13.

5.9.4 (iOS only) was released on 25th January with marketing and AppStore changes only.