Account Tracker (WP)

Account Tracker is a powerful personal finance app that helps you track spending and monitor balances across multiple accounts.

If you are new to the app, please read the Getting Started page for a quick overview, otherwise the following sections summarise the main application screens, and describe what you can do with each one. For a detailed description, follow the “More information” links.



View and manage your accounts …

✔ Add and remove accounts
✔ Manage account groups
✔ Move accounts between groups
✔ Select an account to manage transactions
✔ Edit and remove transactions
✔ Export transactions as a CSV file
✔ Search for transactions
✔ Reconcile transactions

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View and add transactions …

✔ Add transactions for spending, income, spending refunds or transfers
✔ View all transactions to today
✔ View scheduled transactions from today to the end of next month
✔ View all reminders to the end of next year

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Set and track budgets per category …

✔ Set budgets for spending and income
✔ View progress (daily, weekly, biweekly/fortnightly, monthly, yearly or custom dates)

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View reports per account, account group or across all accounts …

✔ Summary of transactions
✔ Graph of balance over time
✔ Cash flow
✔ Spending by category
✔ Spending by transaction details
✔ Income by category
✔ Income by transaction details
✔ Transfers by category

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Change global settings for …

✔ Alerts
✔ Appearance
✔ Budgets and reports
✔ Categories
✔ Currency
✔ Payee/payer details
✔ Security
✔ Transactions

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To protect your data …

✔ Make a local backup
✔ Copy files between your device and SkyDrive
✔ Import transactions from a CSV file
✔ Restore a backup

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Get it on Marketplace!

Account Tracker is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

If this link doesn’t work, you can find Account Tracker in the Personal Finance section, or simply search for me (Graham Haley).


If you have any comments, questions or feature requests, visit my support page.